Sanaa Armless Chair

Sanaa Armless Chair


A functional, collectible collection of 12 individually designed chairs. In 2005, Maruni commissioned the famed designer Masayuki Kurokawa to design a wooden dining chair. Kurokawa-san’s brief was to express the beauty of Japanese aesthetics using the skills of Maruni craftsmanship and their knowledge of timber. Taking this brief to the next level, Kurokawa-san recruited Japanese architecture and design studio, SANAA, as well as 10 other internationally renowned creatives, including Alberta Meda, Harry Koskinen and Jasper Morrison. Together, they designed 11 chairs and selected the 12th chair, designed by Sean Yoo, as part of an international design competition. In 2005 the Nextmaruni 12 Chair Museum was established. Following this, each designer evolved their chair to include arms, and adapted their respective concepts to create a matching lounge chair. Every chair in the 12 Chair Museum arouses a different emotion, evoking the desire to touch, feel, and sit. Although some look exquisitely delicate, each Nextmaruni chair is endowed with superb durability, offering users a functional, collectible piece.

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